Management Details

Investment Objective

Our prime objective is to match or exceed the returns of the S&P 500 with the equity portion of portfolios in an intelligent, conservative and ethical manner. Our other return objective is to exceed inflation plus 5% per year for the entire portfolio after fees.

Investment Style

Our equity investment style is appropriate for growth investment portfolios of risk-averse individuals, foundations and trusts, with the makeup of the client's entire portfolio taken into account. Fixed income strategy is conservative and used to dampen portfolio volatility.

Further Details

Portfolios are individually managed and generally hold from 20 to 30 stocks, plus bonds. This achieves diversification while still allowing the control that allows us to outperform the market.

Assets are housed in the client's name at a brokerage (usually Charles Schwab), trust company or other firm of the client's choosing. Scott Conyers Capital Management's only access is to direct the investment of the funds.

The management agreement between client and manager gives Scott Conyers Capital Management discretionary responsibility for the direction of the investment of the assets.

Management fees are 1% per year of average assets under management, which drops to 0.75% between $1-2 million and 0.5% over $2 million; half these rates for bonds. This fee is the firm's only source of income so that the firm makes more money only as your investments go up in value. Your account also pays brokerage commissions; however, commissions are these days quite low. Portfolio turnover is typically less than 15% per year.

There is no explicit minimum account size, although the firm looks for a probability that a client's assets under management will exceed $1 million in five years. Identities of clients and prospective clients are not disclosed to others.